Weird fedora dbus bug

A couple of days ago I got bit by a nasty and pretty dumb bug in dbus on Fedora Core 6: the service would just hang forever on startup.

To make a long story short, it all goes down to some interaction (I have no idea about) between dbus and ldap (of all things): if the ldap server is not available the servie just hangs.

To make the bug go away simply disable the use of ldap for “User Information” in system-config-authentication. It looks like you can continue to use it for authentication, fortunately.

Author: renatoram

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2 thoughts on “Weird fedora dbus bug”

  1. Just start the ldap service before the dbus. In my case this would be S20 in both rc3.d and rc5.d.


  2. Well, but I do not run an LDAP service at all: we have a server in the office’s LAN. At home, though, I don’t have it…

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