Maptool Package for ThreeSixteen

3:16 Carnage Among the Stars has the cool feature that, thanks to its abstract “game board” it lend itself pretty well to online play.

Using MapTool as a true “networked table” you can not only move around the tokens like you would in person, but also, thanks to maptool’s macros, handle almost all the mechanical aspects of the game.

Here is my “3:16” game table:

Couple that with a voice-over-ip solution of some kind (Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak…) and you’re good to go!

You can use it, too: I prepared a zip archive that contains not only the base campaign file that can be used to play almost right away, but all the materials you’ll need to go on and tinker on your own. I’ve prepared the macros (and weapons) only for the three base ranks, at the moment, but I’ll do more later on.

Download the package! (hosted on
Update: link changed on Friday 10, 2010. Let’s hope mediafire does not lose the file again. Note also that the package now comprises all the ranks.

EDIT: Note for the maptool forum users. If you read this post, please let trevor or one of the other admins that mi account ‘renatoram’ is locked (‘inactive’) and there is no clear way to contact them! Thanks.


8 comments on “Maptool Package for ThreeSixteen

  1. Neil Ford says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for making it available.

    – Neil.

  2. renatoram says:

    Definitely my pleasure!
    Let me know if you use these for actual play, and if all went smoothly!

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  5. snikle says:

    I just used this to run a 3:16, totally kicked butt all over. Great job on putting this together. My players and I were stunned by how well this worked for the game.
    Great job!

  6. Shmooove says:

    Hi there. I have read really good things about your 3:16 campaign package and would love to use it, but it appears that the link is broken (the officer tokens are too). Any way you could make it available again? Thanks in advance!

  7. renatoram says:

    Updated the hosting and links. Also, the package is now merged with the base (all ranks in one zip).

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