Changing the Gnome Keyring Unlock Password in Fedora 11

Or, where the heck is the damn thing?

Today I found myself how to do this in the current version (Fedora 11):

  1. Open Passwords and Encription Keys
  2. Click on the last tab: Passwords
  3. Here there should be a folder named “Passwords: login” that can be expanded to see the keyring.
  4. Right-Click on that folder and click on Change Password.

You are presented with the classic “old password, new password, confirm password” dialog.

I just want to point out that this is NOT DISCOVERABLE AT ALL and I have reported this as a bug.

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4 comments on “Changing the Gnome Keyring Unlock Password in Fedora 11

  1. Phillip Hall says:

    Yes, I had a hell of a time figuring this out. I didn’t in fact figure it out until I came to this very post on a google search and read what you wrote. Thanks.

    I agree. Not intuitive at all. Like so much else. . .
    I guess it would have to be called a bug and where is the documentation how to do this?

    • renatoram says:

      Actually I posted that just after reporting the problem in the old bug about the keyring unlock tab disappearing. 🙂

      AFAIK the documentation does not exist, but I could be wrong.

  2. Jack says:

    “Open Passwords and Encription Keys”
    …are you joking? Where the hell do you open this in F11?

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