Vector Illustrations in ePub ebooks

Update: changed file hosting. AGAIN.
Aggiornamento: cambiato l’hosting dei file. ANCORA.

(In italiano, sotto)

This ePub ebook shows how to embed a vector (SVG) illustration in your ePub book.

Both the text and the code itself act as examples, showing a couple of very simple applications of vector illustrations.

Finding a complete and short example online proved to be nontrivial, so I wrote one myself.

Happy tinkering, enjoy!
Download the ePub format ebook.


Questo ebook in formato ePub mostra come includere un’illustrazione vettoriale (in formato SVG) direttamente nel vostro libro in ePub.

Sia il testo che il codice stesso del libro fanno da esempio, mostrando un paio di semplici applicazoini delle illustrazioni vettoriali.

Trovare un esempio breve  e completo online si era dimostrato non banale, così ne ho scritto uno io stesso.

Buoni smanettamenti!

Scarica il libro in formato ePub (in inglese, tanto si capisce lo stesso).


3 comments on “Vector Illustrations in ePub ebooks

  1. Morgan says:

    I would love to see your epub with svg illustration but the link does not work.


    • renatoram says:

      Ah, damn! I’m not sure I have the file anymore, I’ll have to look. If I find it, I’ll reply again to your comment to let you know.

      Sidenote: if you are into role-playing games, the Fiasco RPG (featured on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop on Youtube) is now available in PDF, mobi and ePub, and all its illustrations are in SVG (which is perfect, given the Saul Bass graphic style)… it’s only a few bucks for all three formats, highly recommended if you are even remotely interested.

    • renatoram says:

      I found the document! The links should work again.

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