Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 9-11 (Capsule Review)


Read about these posts here.

I had a bit of backlog to burn through: busy times.

Spoilers below.

The show continues to be good!
And now we seem to know what the show is really about: family.

From a show that has “orphans” in the title maybe not that surprising, but still, good to see the theme being shown through many different lenses.

Each time the focus goes from one character to another, in the last few episodes, we got to see another way they feel about family, or how they are trying to build one, to run away from one, to protect one.

The blood brother oath ceremony was a visual treat: the traditional kimono jacket looks very stylish on Orga and the others 🙂

The Masahiro story was a bit on the nose: we discover he exists, and he appears on the other side of the conflict right away… but well, genre tropes (and time constraints).


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