Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 30

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And right on cue..

And right on cue… treachery! Ah, Radice, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Looks like the main conflict of the new season is shaping up.

Some random thoughts:

  • Aston, you and Takaki should stop your death flag throwing contest, wth.
  • Chad. Oh I hope you’re still alive Chad…
  • …and, related, more “human debris pheels”: Aston doesn’t know the word for “being proud of someone”, or even for “to be happy”.
  • Bearded-mercenary-guy looks like a bastard, I fear he’ll cause some painful death before he’s unmasked and receives retribution. Speaking of masks… Masked-man has thoughts about pilots rising in ranks thanks to their commanding officer. Like Gaelio did with McGillis maybe?
  • The LandMan-rodi looks really good… pity it’s unlikely we’ll get a model kit.
  • Oh and the artillery loadout for the Mobile Worker looks boss too.

Author: renatoram

sysadmin, rpg player, gunpla modeler, avid reader... yeah, your average geek :)

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