Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 31


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Unofficial title: malaise and death flags.


I mean, not much plot was advanced, but that was exactly the point of such an episode: in two short installments they managed to show us the uneasiness of a war of attrition, of no clear objectives…

Takaki and Aston are both waving so many death flags… I don’t know if one of them will survive.

As said elsewhere… Galan needs to die. He needs to die bad. The motherfucker.

I mean, Radice is probably a worse asshole, because he incited the thing (after some push from Rustal), while for Galan this is just a job… but hell, he’s a cold manipulating jerk. When I saw the scene where he saves Takaki with his Geirail I was just thinking: “Ah, yeah, show how much you care, so that Takaki will follow as leader without doubts”, then he delivers the “Without you Abrau would have suffered quite a hit” (positive reinforcement) and I’m already cringing.
Then he confirms it plain and simple on the phone with Radice: he’s jerking the kids’ chains on purpose.

Gah, what a bastard.

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