Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 34


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Spoilers below.

So apparently Masked Man’s assumed name is Vidar just like his MS… and another remark after the space battle confirms my impression: he’s speaking to and of the Mobile Suit as if it was a person. Creeepyyy!

New mobile suits, new gundams! I’m intrigued by the mysterious “mobile worker”-like unit, that we also saw in model form from the Gunpla Expo… I had assumed it was found together with the Mobile Armor, but no, it was Gundam Flauros.

Still not sure who will pilot each of these new machines… but the “gundam mobile worker” whatever it is might be Orga’s future return-to-the-battlefield tank. He used to be front-and-center on the Mobile Workers and he does have an Alaya-Vijnana device.

And the huge Mobile Armor… I guess that is the thing still buried in the half-metal mine.

We got a couple of funny moments, between Chad’s stunned discovery of Merribit and Oja San’s relationship, and Mika’s annoyance about his over-eager disciple. Reminds me a bit of the nonplussed One Punch Man and Fanboy-Genos (Hush even shares Genos’ hair).

I wonder what will happen to Orga and Naze in the end… they could be the new heads of a new generation of reformed space cartel… but it could easily end in a disaster for either of them. Or both.

And speaking of Naze… Amida kinda said all the right things, right?
Flashy-Osaka-style-Yellow-Coat dude got to play the toxic male, fair and square: “You wouldn’t understand. The Turbines are a shelter for all the women that were exploited by men.” Naze’s role in the middle of it is still weird, but it reinforces the idea of a functional poly family.

I wonder if we’ll ever get a flashback about Amida’s earlier fighting days. Maybe how she broke her shackles and left (probably meeting Naze).

An speaking of functional and disfunctional families… man, the Seven Stars are a mess. Rustal, Iznario and the rest of the old generation are a bunch of assholes. Iok is a self-important sheltered spoiled kid and thinks much too highly of his combat skills. He’s gonna get crushed before the end of the show, probably.

Another kinda setup episode, but the other shoe is dropping soon.

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