Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 36


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Spoilers below.

Oh, Iok, you are a stupid spoiled asshole brat. Julieta said it to your face and you didn’t even register it.

I really hope Iok bites the bullet soon. Possibly in some gruesome way.
Still planning to make his Reginlaze, because it looks cool 🙂

Finally we see the Helmwige! It’s massive, and the blue and gold livery of the Fareed family really works on it. I was caught by surprise by the fact that it won’t be McGillis piloting, but his second in command. Nice twist.

And nice twist having them meet the Vidar. I suspect a showdown might be coming.

Speaking of the Vidar, Masked-man was framed off-center when communicating with Julieta from the cockpit… leaving in-frame a very conspicuous big red glass disc over his right shoulder. I that… the Graze Ein’s main camera? I know I already said this but…. Gaelio, you sick fuck.

The Mobile Armor is suitably scary, and the only beam weapon in existence is pretty terrifying too. Nice that we were shown how well the Nanolaminate armor works against it though: Ride’s IO Frame was only mildly damaged by it. But it has other means of attack, like that giant tail blade… and the Pluma are the perfect dangerous swarm.

Looking forward to next episode!

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