RG Sazabi (Clear Color) WIP

WIP: still needs weapons and shield!

Managed to snap some more of this sexy red boy yesterday: now it only needs weapons.

Glamour Shot

First clear color kit I like in…well, forever. And the build is amazing. The only downside is that I now want the normal plastic kit, too!

Didn’t even feel the boredom of snipping 24 “petals” on the funnels, really.

The engineering is amazing, really the apex of the RG line so far. There are so many little details… some of them even covered by the armor plates, but there nonetheless.

In case you don’t know… yes, the funnels detach, and all can transform between “dormant” and “flying/activated”.

Two new Yamato 2199 ships

Dimensional Submarine and Destoria Class Astro Heavy Cruiser(Yamato 2199 Bandai Mecha Colle)

Both done in tamiya rattlecans, then MIG Starship Wash, plus brushing in some Vallejo acrylics for the glowing yellow… things on the Destoria’s aft.

Destoria Class Astro Heavy Cruiser

I will need to make both a stand, probably in a model car crystal box, but that’ll have to wait the end of the worldwide lockdown I suppose…

UX-01 Dimensional Submarine

Anyway, I love them, simple as they are.

Oh, word or warning: it might just be clumsy-me, but the Submarine’s tail part actually broke when I was topcoating it (holding the sub between thumb and index finger, lengthwise, like a dumbass), and not along a part line either. I suppose the white spirit seeped under the coats of paint. Fortunately it glued back on and the line is almost invisible.

MG Crossbone X2 Ver.Ka

I gotta say… this is an old gunpla design and it shows, a lot!


I love the Crossbone, so I like its looks, but many of the connections are quite loose: I had to tighten the bicep/shoulder peg (bad idea to begin with) otherwise the weight of the weapons would probably pull off the arms.

And, I had to mask and paint all the yellow trim on the shoulders (that was Chiara’s steady hand, actually!) and weapons, because they’re molded completely in dark blue (or grey, which is wrong anyway). The yellow is not quite the right tone, it should be more orange, but I decided this was enough (it’s not bad for brush painted details).

This specific model’s signature weapon should be a long handheld cannon but… honestly it looks very boring, I prefer the ver piratey saber and “flintlock” pistol.

So, to sum up… I still love the Crossbone even if the kit is a bit disappointing in its engineering. I would welcome a 2.0 of the whole MG line… and to people considering it I’d suggest only getting the MGs if they are fans of the model, otherwise choose the RG which seems to be very well engineered.

Desura II (non-scale mecha colle Bandai)

This was a quick diversion: the mecha colle ships are tiny, but jam-packed with surface details. I had this build for a while (it’s only a handful of pieces on three small runners), but I took the time to actually finish it.

Primed with Tamiya Fine Light-Gray Surface Primer and base coated with Tamiya Blue Gloss (TS-15) rattlecan, I then painted in the light areas with a tiny brush and Vallejo acrylics (first some white primer, and then white, and some super diluted red to give it a bit of blending).

The whole thing was then slathered with Tamiya Black Panel Line wash, and when it was dry I removed a lot of it using cotton-buds and some isopropyl alcohol.

I decided against trying to paint the dark maroon of the inside of the cannons because I didn’t have the right color, and I figured they would be so dark, and so small, that they’d be hard to see. Same with the bridge “bubbles”: so tiny!

On the plus side… the Mecha Colle kits always look SO DAMN GOOD!

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