Library of Congress SOTC Characters! (part 2)

Now, this is a REAL Spirit of the Century Character!

Hélène Dutrieu, the Amazing Flying Gal

  • Cycling record woman
  • Oh, dear! Another plane crash!
  • It’s got wings: I can fly this
  • WWI Ambulance Driver
  • Worldwide renown and awards

Dudes… she was a Centurion, no doubt about that, at all

Library of Congress SOTC Characters!

As suggested by drivingblind, I’m browsing the Flickr account of the Library of Congress (!) searching for perfect SotC characters.

Here is the first:

The Light Shedder!
Rugged Technician

  • The truth will come to Light!
  • Let me grab my toolbox.
  • Used to life under the sun
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