About me

Hi all, I’m Renato, and I am a System Administrator in Milan.

I enjoy  Role Playing Games, reading lots of stuff, mostly fantasy and SF, toying with Linux and computers in general.

And here you can read about my role in Janus Design, bringing good games to the Italian people.


5 comments on “About me

  1. Mario Cerame says:

    Hey Renato,
    We met briefly on the sonsofkryos website–I’m a friend of Judd’s. I very well may be coming to Italy sooner rather than later. I am in the process of acquiring Italian citizenship, and then I would take a job in Italy and likely pursue higher education there.

    I am collecting contact info of people who are there to have SOME kind of social network to navigate with. You offered to at least hook up. If I get a gig in Milan–very possible–maybe you’d know a good gaming group even ><

    If you could drop me an email, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks man!


  2. Hola, Renato Ramonda!

    vivo en el Brasil e quiero te comunicar que tengo un hermano con su nombre (Renato Ramonda, pero, brasileño, de São Paulo, capital).
    vivimos en la capital do Paraná, sur del ´Brasil.

    Gracias por su atención!

  3. renatoram says:

    Hi Karla, I reply in english because unfortunately I’m not fluent in portuguese or spanish 🙂

    Heh, I have a colleague who is paulista… but of italian/japanese orgins.

    My family is piedmontese, probably that brazilian Renato is a very distant relative: say hello to him on my behalf!

  4. Olly says:

    Hi Renato,
    I just saw your post on Bibliodyssey about the board game “The Game of the Hunter”. I’m doing my architecture thesis on a boat building workshop inside of a mid 18th century fort ruin in New Brunswick, maritime Canada. I’m considering to use a board game as the structure and proof of my thesis and this one seems to be interesting as a start. You offered on your post to give a full translation of the text and I was wondering if that offer is still available…

  5. renatoram says:

    Sure thing, I can certainly try to interpret it. Contact me at renato dot ramonda at gmail dot com

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